RMRF is a progressive Edmonton-based law firm that has met the challenging legal needs of businesses, public bodies and individual clients since 1915.

RMRF believes that in addition to providing legal services of the highest quality, we must also be contributors to the advancement of the law profession, the enhancement of society, and the education of the next generation of legal professionals. We uphold these beliefs in all that we do.

A Proud Heritage

For RMRF, our efforts in providing legal services of the highest quality is not just a priority — it is a tradition. We have represented clients with a broad range of needs for over 100 years, and we have adapted to a changing legal landscape to ensure that we continue to meet our quality standards.

Our History

Recognition & Acknowledgements

Our lawyers strive to be the best in their respective practice areas, and it shows. Over the years, members of our team have been recognized through means such as judicial appointments to courts, positions with agencies that provide leadership to the legal profession itself, and awards from peer associations.


Serving Our Communities

Our commitment to the enhancement of society can be seen in the variety of ways we volunteer our time, energy and skills to support the communities to which we belong.

Community Impact