We represent parties in resolving their disputes outside of the courtroom. We also act as decision-makers, arbitrators and mediators.

Flexibility in dispute resolution

When disputes happen, you need practical and strategic advice. You may choose ADR because you want to preserve or restore continuing business or personal relationships. You may prefer a solution that is quicker, more cost-effective, flexible and confidential than traditional litigation. In all instances, we can help.

Our team

As legal counsel to parties enmeshed in disputes, we are responsive and skilled. We work to understand your interests and goals, and we keep them at the forefront. We have experience in all manners of dispute resolution processes including arbitration, mediation, conciliation and negotiation. We have used these processes in a broad spectrum of industries and sectors.

As third parties who work with parties in conflict, we act as arbitrators, arbitration panel members, mediators, hearing officers and counsel on disciplinary hearings, chairs of statutory hearing panels, and chairs of quasi-judicial tribunals. We belong to numerous associations relating to both arbitration and mediation including:

  • Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society
  • ADR Institute of Canada Inc.
  • Canadian Industrial Relations Association
  • Canadian Petroleum
  • International Bar Association
  • LCIA Arbitration International

Alternative dispute resolution is not alternative at all. The reality is that most legal disputes are resolved outside of the courtroom. Our clients rely on us to use all the tools at our disposal to help them reach a resolution that meets their needs.

Members of our team are approved to act as arbitrators and mediators for a number of panels and dispute resolution providers including:

  • Edmonton Construction Association
  • Alberta Labour
  • Alberta New Home Warranty Program
  • Domestic Commercial Arbitration Panel, British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration Centre
  • Sahtu Dene and Métis Land Claim Agreement Arbitration Panel
  • FirstBank (Bank of Montreal) Mediation Process
  • Canada Revenue Agency
  • Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan
  • Labour Canada
  • American Arbitration Association
  • Comisión Arbitral Permanente, Monterrey, México
  • New West Partnership Trade Agreement Dispute Resolution Mechanism

Beyond ADR

We have significant experience and depth in other areas of dispute resolution including:

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We have the depth and experience to assist you in resolving your disputes. Please contact us for more information.