William H. Hurlburt, Q.C., L.L.D. (Hon.) 1927 - 2016

Bill began practice with our founding firm, Kane Hurlburt, upon admission to the Bar in 1950. He practiced in association with the late Honorable Ted Kane until 1961 when the firm merged with Morrow Reynolds & Stevenson to become Morrow Hurlburt Reynolds Stevenson & Kane. Bill continued as senior partner until 1974 when he became Director of what is now known as the Alberta Law Reform Institute. On retirement from ALRI in 1986, Bill rejoined us as counsel and continued in that greatly valuable association until his passing.

Bill was an exceptional person and one of Alberta’s leading lawyers, skilled as both a solicitor and a barrister.

He appeared in all levels of the courts in Canada, including the Supreme Court of Canada, and handled some of the most intricate and complex commercial transactions. Both in practice and in his role within ALRI, Bill had a huge impact on shaping Alberta’s laws. His many contributions through law reform efforts are catalogued on ALRI’s website.

For his partners and associates at RMRF, equally significant was his setting of our firm’s ethic of professionalism, public service and fairness. Bill’s incisiveness and legal excellence, always expressed with humility and dry humor, but with precision and clarity, were his hallmarks. His mentorship of junior and senior lawyers alike was invaluable.

A brief scan of Bill’s achievements paints a clear picture of one of the truly remarkable and substantial pillars of the legal community. It has been our great privilege to have enjoyed his association with RMRF. He will be greatly missed.