Alberta's Workplace in 2019 - Employment Law Seminar


Topics include:

Emerging Trends in Employment Law
What’s next in employment law? A discussion of the impact of a challenging economy on the flexibility of employee responsibilities and compensation.

A Year in Review: 2018
What’s new in employment law? We will highlight the key changes that took place in 2018 to keep employers up-to-date on the current state of the law in Alberta.

Best Practices: Discipline & Termination in the Workplace
We will cover best practices for disciplining and terminating employees, from the moment issues first arise to the termination meeting. Gain a better understanding of progressive discipline and the most effective way to end the employment relationship.

Collective Agreements and Difficult People: Challenges in a Unionized Workplace
We will review how to determine if you have an effective collective agreement, dealing with difficult employees, and the grievance process.

Occupational Health & Safety: #metoo and other emerging issues
A review of current and emerging issues for employers in OHS. We will also discuss the new requirement for a harassment and workplace violence policy, hazard assessment, and ways to minimize liability for employers.

Discrimination in the Workplace
An overview of human rights issues in the workplace. Topics covered will include the duty to accommodate, establishing a bona fide occupational requirement, and how to respond effectively to a human rights complaint brought by a current or former employee.

Ask the Pros
Get the answers you need, from the lawyers you work with – ask our employment lawyers questions that arose during the seminar or in the course of your day-to-day work.