Employment Law Seminar

Join us on October 18 in Edmonton for a full-day seminar designed for employers of all sizes and in all industries. Gain insight and tools to help you navigate recent changes and beyond by selecting sessions that relate to you and your business with 101 and Master style sessions. See the full list of topics below.


What’s Old is New Again: Changes to Alberta’s Employment Laws
Alberta’s new government has implemented significant changes to the province’s employment and labour laws. We will review those changes, and confirm what employers should ensure they review to keep on top of the shifting legal landscape.

OH&S Prosecutions: Best Practices
All employers do their best to ensure a safe, accident free workplace – but, accidents happen. We will review OH&S prosecutions from start to finish, and give employers insight on best practices when defending charges under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and associated legislation.

Employment Contracts 101
Employment contracts are one of the most effective ways for employers to manage the employment relationship, minimize potential liability, and set employee expectations. We will review the key terms that should be in every employment contract, and discuss how to ensure your employment contracts are enforceable and efficient.

Wrongful Dismissal Claims: What Next?
You terminated an employee, and now have received a demand letter or statement of claim – what next? We will review the process for a wrongful dismissal claim from start to finish, and advise employers on what to expect, how to navigate the court system, and how to respond in a manner that will minimize your liability at the end of the day.

Beyond the Law: Effective Terminations
Learn how to manage your terminations effectively to reduce the likelihood that a disgruntled or embarrassed employee will take legal action against you. Sonja Henning will offer insight from her perspective as a certified coach who provides Career Management, Transition, and Coaching to employees. Sonja’s extensive consultation and project management expertise are applied in the coordination and management of major downsizing projects, so she is familiar with the challenges employers face when downsizing.

Human Rights: Discrimination and the Duty to Accommodate
Discrimination and the duty to accommodate, including handling disability claims, in both the public and private sectors, and in union and non-union contexts. This session will cover complex issues, processes, procedures, and offer practical insights.

Privacy Obligations for Employers
As technology in the workplace becomes more advanced, employers may want to increase their methods of monitoring employees’ actions while at work through methods such as video surveillance or GPS tracking. But, keeping a watchful eye on employees has to be done in an appropriate and balanced way as all employees are entitled to some degree of privacy.
We will discuss the limits of surveillance, best practices for monitoring employees’ actions while at work, and how surveillance can be used in the discipline or termination process.

Ask the Pros
Get the answers you need, from the lawyers you call – ask our employment lawyers questions that arose during the seminar or in the course of your normal work.