A Guide to Virtual Hearings

We have created two complimentary Virtual Hearing Guides for Administrative Proceedings. Guides are complimentary and may be viewed online or downloaded.

These guides will lead you through a number of considerations including:

  • Choosing your platform
  • Training/orientation
  • Tips for your set-up
  • Tips for the hearing
  • Security/privacy
  • Principles of Natural Justice
  • Preliminary conference
  • Dealing with Documents
  • Witnesses

The Virtual Hearing Guide for Administrative Proceedings applies to any hearing of any board, tribunal, or other body.

View or download your copy now

The Virtual Hearing Guide for Professional Regulatory Organizations is designed specifically for professional regulators, with added detail and reference to regulator-specific processes.

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Meet the Team

This guide was created by our Administrative Law and Professional Regulatory teams.

Reach out any of our team members, or contact ClientRelations@rmrf.com with questions or to learn more.